Horse Hockey! Harry Morgan – Colonel Potter of M*A*S*H – Dies at 96

Since these posts are never fun to write and since you’ve probably already heard the news that Colonel Potter (AKA Harry Morgan – one of the greatest character actors in television-cinema history) passed away today at 96 years-old, we thought we would take a moment to highlight the funnier side of Morgan/Potter. We found a […]

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: visits OWS in DC

Man is a social animal. Often he isn’t particularly solicitous or even sociable, but he does tend to gather together in hierarchical, articulated groups and his conduct doesn’t stray far from accepted norms without incurring negative reinforcement. In other words, mankind doesn’t leave the city to run a farm and raise his own food, mankind […]

Rick Perry Attack Ad: Video Resume For Home Depot Night Manager Gig

  Presidential hopeful Rick Perry, R-TX, is running a new 30-second advertisement accusing President Obama of having “socialist policies.” To which my immediate response was, “Pfft, I wish.” The ad has been running in heavy rotation on Fox News and is the latest of several ads released by Perry’s camp attacking the president. Although a […]

Felonious Munk Presents: Stop It B! Munk Plays The Race Card

If his YouTube description ain’t enough to communication his meaning, then his video will. “Social scientist” Felonious Munk will be appearing with a panel intellectuals on Wednesday, November 9th at Pace University to discuss “the effects that education has on blackness in these ‘Post-Racial’ times”. Two other scholars include Marc Lamont Hill, an Associate Professor of […]

NAILED! Geraldo: #OccupyWallStreet Has a Legitimate Complaint – Fox News Lies!

Oh, Geraldo. You know just what to say. First you flatter, then you tease, then you nail yourself in your arse. Geraldo Rivera at OWS: “Before I say goodnight, I want to end with a couple of statements here about what’s happening in Zuccotti Park (guy waves newspaper in front of camera). The crowd is […]

Sing A Long with the President! Obama Sings “Trick the Bridesmaid”

It’s the second installment of our new favorite peeps, Bad Lip Reading. We’re trying to catch up with them. We know we’re behind but we count ouselves lucky in that regard because we don’t have to wait for new videos. They’re all new to us! Here’s the chorus for those that love to sing along! […]

Felonious Munk Presents: Stop It B! OBAMA PAY YOUR &*%$#% BILLS

Agree with him, disagree with him, whatever. Felonious Munk‘s delivery of his grievances with Obama and the federal government is a perfect reflection of how millions of Americans feel about the state of our country and the economy. Chances are there is something in this oh-so-eloquent rant that you will identify with if you haven’t […]

Rick Perry: Save a Pretzel for the Gas Jets!

Okay so we’re slow on the pick up on this one but if you haven’t seen this video yet it should make your day. It was posted by BadLipReading on their YouTube Channel on September 18 and more recently on their new website on October 1st. It’s shear genius and better yet there’s more where […]

Surly Singing Starbucks Server – Ahem, Barista – Gets Fired (VIDEOS)

Oh sad day! First, REM breaks up and now this news comes out (okay it happened on Tuesday but CNN didn’t tell me until today). The Singing Starbucks Badass Barista (AKA Christopher Cristwell) was fired today. Frownie face. All because he posted a little video on YouTube (haven’t we all) in which he was mostly […]

Sarah Palin Relaunches One Nation Bus Tour and Real Americans Bullsh!t

Sarah Palin must not be good at math. Either that or she doesn’t know what the number one actually means. She has titled her on-again, off-again bus tour “One Nation” but she continues to divide the nation into two: the real Americans who live in small towns and love America, and the fake Americans who live in cities and the suburbs who hate America.