Drunk, Racist, Skinhead, Neo-Nazi Allowed to Have Weapon

Another gun-related tragedy has struck America when a lone gunman killed six people at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The shooter, a man named Wade Michael Page, committed the act with a 9MM Handgun that was obtained legally. In a background investigation of Page, the Oak Creek Police Chief said, “Right now there […]

Darth Romney Gets Kick Out of Unemployed Autoworkers

We’ve all seen the scene in the movie when a major character is stuck in that seriously ironic moment. Like in Star Wars when Darth Vader decides to move his Death-Star-making factory from Bespin to Endor then tries to run for Sith Lord of Bespin while the high school band inadvertently plays the Endor fight […]

Rick Santorum: Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Pink Balls

Rick Santorum is terrified of pink bowling balls particularly in the hands of young boys especially when they might be caught on camera during a photo opt with the Republican presidential candidate. During a campaign stop at a Wisconsin bowling alley, Santorum bravely saved a young man who dared to grab one of the wicked […]

Spin Doctor Pat Robertson Explains Tornadoes

Tornadoes are serious business. And with the recent deadly outbreaks of tornadoes it’s no wonder that people are searching for answers as to why this has happened. In a new segment for the 700 Club “Pat Robertson Explains Tornadoes,” Don from Illinois asked Robertson, “Why did God send the tornadoes?” Robertson had this to say: God […]

Did You Get The Memo? Wisconsin Voters Should Mail Their Absentee Ballots in AFTER the Election

Thank God for the teachers that taught the Wisconsin voters how to read! After a ballot application flyer was sent out to at least two heavily Democratic districts by the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a number of keen constituents noticed some interesting “errors” that would actually prevent their vote from being counted. According […]

Sean Duffy Loses His Cool After Being Challenged On The Ryan Budget And Medicare

Sean Duffy Loses His Cool After Being Challenged On The Ryan Budget And Medicare

Douchebag of the Day goes to … (VIDEO)

Sean Duffy Loses His Cool After Being Challenged On The Ryan Budget And Medicare

Colbert Throws Tempter Tantrum Over Wisconsin Judge Who Blocked Anti-Union Law – TPM LiveWire

Who does that Wisconsin judge, who blocked Gov. Scott walkers (R) anti-union law, think she is? His mom? …

Jon Stewart Rips US Attack On Libya: ‘Don’t We Already Have Two Wars?’

TPM LiveWire: Two weeks ago before the show was dark, Jon Stewart points out that the biggest problem spots in the world were “Wisconsin and the set of “Two And A Half Men.” Since then …