GOP State Senator on Gender Pay Gap: “Money Is More Important For Men”

There is a gender pay gap in the United States and it’s rather large. Full-time, year-round female workers in the US only make around 77% of what men in the US make and estimates for the discriminatory component of the gender pay gap include 5% and 7% (thank you, Wikipedia). Of course there are lots […]

Barack Obama: The Conceiving of Contraception?

Barack Obama: The Conceiving of Contraception? A worldwide Roman Catholic broadcasting network(yes there is such a thing) based in Alabama (need I say more) filed suit Thursday against the Obama administration over its new mandate. Currently, most employers and insurers have to cover birth control free of charge; under the nation’s new health care law […]

SOPA and PIPA Still on the Verge of Passing

New SOPA Policing Agency Starts Test Runs Richmond, VA – 73 year old, Bart Russell, retired schoolteacher, is enjoying an unusually warm Saturday in the middle of the winter by watching an illegal copy of Jumanji in his living room. Unannounced, fifteen men dressed in all black, holding automatic rifles, kick down the door, hogtie […]

24 Hours without a fun Google Doodle

Anonymous Hacktivists Want To Burn The House Down…Fight Club Style!

On Dec 24, the computer hacking group known as “Anonymous” sought to spread a little Christmas Eve cheer by releasing the names, email addresses, passwords, and some 75,000 credit card numbers of 860,000 members of a “security think tank” known as Stratfor (short for Strategic Forecasting), considered by some as a “shadow CIA”. Clearly, Anonymous […]

President Obama on Obama 2044 Fundraising Tour

Well every election year seems to get earlier and earlier but this is totally ridiculous. Today, President Barack Obama launched his fundraising tour. However, it wasn’t for his 2012 re-election campaign. Nope. Incredibly this fundraising tour was for his daughters’, Malia and Sasha, 2044 Presidential Campaigns! Speaking to a group of pre-pre-schoolers, Obama said, “With the polarizing […]

Anthony Weiner’s Weinergate Overshadows Clarence Thomas, His Wife and Health Care Reform

We’re not saying that the lude tweet that appeared on Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account on Friday had anything to do with Friday’s release of Supreme Court Justice’s Clarence Thomas’ details of his wife’s income from her year working for the tea party group Liberty Central for which she received $150,000 …

Bret Baier Handles Jon Stewart’s Attack on FOX News Channel

Weasel Zippers: Stewart balks at Baier’s assertion of Charles Krauthammer’s intelligence. In a quick Wikipedia check (yeah, I know) I’d say Charlie is more worth his weight in gold than Stewart …