Fox Affiliate MyFoxOrlando: Neo-Nazis are The New Civil Rights Movement!

“They say they’re not a violent group but they are willing to fight for their people should a race riot break out here in Sanford,” says MyFoxOrlando “Live on 35” on-the-scene reporter Jennifer Bisram, with anchors Keith Landry and Tracy Jacim primping in the studio. “There’s another civil rights group in town. The National Socialist […]

John Derbyshire’s “Non-Black Talk” = Racist Event of the Century

Chris Rock lit up the internets on Thursday with the “Non-Black Talk”: Chris’s take on “The Talk” white people have with their kids about living and dealing with existing in a world with scary black people. It’s is a hilarious list of ironic situations and descriptions of awkward moments that many a white folk have […]

Sarah Palin Relaunches One Nation Bus Tour and Real Americans Bullsh!t

Sarah Palin must not be good at math. Either that or she doesn’t know what the number one actually means. She has titled her on-again, off-again bus tour “One Nation” but she continues to divide the nation into two: the real Americans who live in small towns and love America, and the fake Americans who live in cities and the suburbs who hate America.