Hillary Clinton is Too Sexy for the Situation Room

Regardless of the fact that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was completely covered from shoulders to (probably) toes similar to Diane Keaton in just about every Diane Keaton movie ever made AND she was the only one in the room covering her lips AND she was showing less skin than many of the men in the room suffering from male pattern baldness, still apparently Mrs. Clinton was showing too much of herself in the Situation Room during the moments when Seal Team 6 killed Osama bin Laden. You see SHE was showing …

Donald Trump on John King After Obama Released His Long Form Birth Certificate

After President Obama finally released his long form birth certificate (AKA his long form Certificate of Live Birth), Donald Trump begrudgingly sat down with John King to answer question about his claims that he deserves all the credit and the he did a great service for the country.

Obama Uses Trump Card (Yeah, I said It!) and Releases Long Form Birth Certificate! (VIDEO)

President Obama and the White House have finally released Obama’s long form birth certificate, in response to ridiculous rumors that he was not born in the US. Obama had previously released an official “certification of live birth” showing he was born in Hawaii. But after a recent set of publicity suck fests by potential presidential contender Donald Trump, an upswing of birtherism has caused too many Americans to lose their minds. Therefore, the White House felt it was time to hopefully put this thing to rest. They had to get a special exemption from the Hawaii Department of Health, which keeps the long-form documents confidential.

Jon Stewart Craps All Over Obama’s Campaign Video

Considering our options of douche bag, douche bag, douche bag, Obama, or douche bag, a lot of us might feel like some of those people in Obama’s new campaign video. “I don’t really like him; I don’t really trust him. But what are we gonna do? Learn someone else’s name?” as paraphrased by Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart Wonders Why White House Reporters Put Up With Being Shoved In A Closet – Mediaite.com

On Monday night’s Daily Show, host Jon Stewart devoted a segment to the pool reporter who was restricted to a storage closet during portion …

Jon Stewart Criticizes Obama’s Lack Of Communication Regarding ‘Not-War’ With Libya

Huffington Post: For the second night now, Jon Stewart offered his complaints about the US operation in Libya on “The Daily Show,” this time focusing …