Mitt Romney to Stay-At-Home Moms: Get Back to Dignified Work, B*tches!

Hilary Rosen has faced a heavy bombardment of the “War on Women” shrapnel recently after making a stupid comment about Ann Romney never working a day in her life. While Ms. Rosen’s point was far more nuanced than that, Ann as we all know, has five kids, so as most women and many men know, […]

Roger Williams Texas GOP Candidate, AKA The Donkey Whisperer

Roger Williams, Texas GOP congressional candidate, claims he’s The Donkey Whisper. In his latest campaign ad he shows off his mad donkey skills by speaking to a horde of braying dumb asses as if they’re socialist welfare recipients who continually beg for more shelter, more feed, and more “hand outs” while demanding that the government […]