Joe Biden: Not The Average Joe

Once again us political writers have an opportunity to write about brazen political mishaps. This time is it regarding Vice President Joe Biden. While speaking at a fundraising in Washington DC Mr. Biden made a statement about how the Republican candidates “don’t know what it means to be middle class.” The witty Vice President (VP) […]

Limbaugh to Sandra Fluke: Free Condoms and Lube, You Slut, That’s All You Get, And I Get to Watch!

That about sums up what Rush Limbaugh had to say in the last few days regarding women’s rights to contraception. Oh that and Sandra Fluke’s a prostitute and a slut. Sandra Fluke, by the way, is the third-year law student, who testified about Georgetown University’s policy on contraception during an unofficial hearing on Capitol Hill […]

Rush Limbaugh: Cherokee Freedmen Only Want Citizenship for the Benefits

Rush Limbaugh was giddy on Thursday to find out that racism is not just a white man’s disease. After reading that the Federal government was challenging the Cherokee Nation over their potential refusal to count the votes of the descendents of former slaves known as Freedmen in the upcoming election for Chief on Sept.24, Limbaugh […]

Epic Showdown: Andrew Breitbart Big Government vs. Media Matters

It was 59 seconds of pure tension as the two heavy-weights of political boxing went toe-to-toe Tuesday in the lobby of Media Matters Washington, DC based headquarters over copies of Media Matter’s IRS forms. In the red corner, requesting copies of the forms, stood conservative media titan Andrew Breitbart, Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch, and […]

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Boycotts Washington Politicians

Washington public officials might want to inspect their mocha lattes before sipping them if they purchase their coffee at Starbucks anytime in the near future. Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz is concocting a boycott of contributions to the campaigns of Washington politicians. And while the boycott might only be on political campaign contributions, you can be sure there’s no boycott on bodily fluid contributions.

Sarah Palin Relaunches One Nation Bus Tour and Real Americans Bullsh!t

Sarah Palin must not be good at math. Either that or she doesn’t know what the number one actually means. She has titled her on-again, off-again bus tour “One Nation” but she continues to divide the nation into two: the real Americans who live in small towns and love America, and the fake Americans who live in cities and the suburbs who hate America.

After the Near Default

What are people thinking now that we may have averted a near economic collapse, possibly, maybe, sort of?

NAILED! – Matt Damon Takes On Reason.TV Reporter And “Shitty Camera Man”

OVERVIEW: In our first installment of “NAILED!”, Matt Damon, standing beside his Boston school teacher mom, strikes back at a Reason.TV Reporter who asked if a lack of job security inherent in acting is what incentivizes him to work hard. THE NAIL: DAMON: So you think job insecurity is what makes me work hard? I […]

Jon Stewart slams Fox News managing editor as another biased hypocrite –

Jon Stewart went after Fox New Washington, DC, Managing Editor Bill Sammon Thursday night for opinionated comments that he was certain proved the network’s bias. …

Larry Wilmore on the Menu – Politico

Comedy Central stars Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Hodgman and Lewis Black have all tried their hand at headlining various …