Neil DeGrasse Tyson The Most Astounding Fact

This explains all those annoying “I’m a Rock Star” slogan t-shirts. They weren’t meant to be slogans after all … Neil DeGrasse Tyson The Most Astounding Fact

Breaking: Rick Perry Campaign Video Stolen From MTV

Yesterday the internet was abuzz with the new Rick Perry campaign video. In the video Mr. Perry is climbing the delicate grassy slope of what appears to be a golf course, wearing his I’m-gonna-go-clear-the-snow-off-the-sidewalk jacket, complaining about homosexuals in chorus with a music bed of weak wind instruments. The video has been remixed and parodied […]

Boehner Cries: What Politico Didn’t Know

Politico’s Caitlin McDevitt has compiled a list of House Speaker John Boehner’s Greatest Weeps. While honoring Neil Armstrong on Wednesday, Mr. Boehner lost his composure and began sobbing uncontrollably, prompting Politico to assemble a catalog of Mr. Boehner’s public displays of cry-babery. However, multiple sources have come forward since the Politco article claiming the list […]

Herman Cain: The Beatles of Bullshit

In an Interview Monday with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board, Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain was asked a question regarding Libya and instead of answering the question, he decided he would word-vomit all over the nice mahogany conference table. Since the actual transcripts and video are available ubiquitously, I have opted to translate the video […]

Stephen Colbert

TIME: As host of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert never shies away from a witty one-liner. He quips about current events and follows up jokes on his nightly fake newscast. His 140-character musings are so influential …