Hanson’s New Beer: An Appropriate Product for Christian Celebs?

Hanson the all-brother, boy band out of Tulsa, OK has a surprise for us all…they’re coming out with a new beer!  And the name?  MMMhop and it’s an India Pale Ale. Now, these boys (men?) are no strangers to merchandising with other products such as Hansonopoly, t-shirts, jewelry, a calendar, record player, and Hanson playing […]

NAILED! Victoria Jackson Takes on #OccupyWallStreet

Victoria Jackson, known for her career as a Saturday Night Live cast member, bravely ventured into the sea of Occupy Wall Street protesters in Lower Manhattan in an attempt to determine just what these left-wing agitators of are protesting. It’s 15 minutes of fun as Jackson begins by pointing out the decade long absence of […]