Top 10 Best (Worst) Names in Congress – House and Senate

This is a call to action. By now most of the country realizes that the system is broken. The entire electorate is a farce yet much of our Congress continues to be filled with people who have serious sounding names like Scott P. Brown and Carl Levin. What many don’t realize is that our Congress […]

Martha Stewart Rages Over Congress’ Insider Trading

Martha Stewart’s staff was on high alert on Monday after news spread faster than avocado hollandaise on Sous Vide Alaskan halibut, that Ms. Stewart had caught the latest 60 Minutes episode. The business magnate, best-selling author, magazine publisher, television superstar and international representation of what our miserable lives will never become spent five months in […]

Job Opening for Job Act Title Writer with Rep. Louie Gohmert

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) hasn’t officially opened any new positions within his offices in regards to writing titles for job acts, but if the name of his recent job act is any indication he might need some help. Gohmert introduced today his “American Jobs Act” — not to be confused with President Obama’s “American Jobs […]

If Cats Were in Congress

Allen West Doesn’t Know Arse from Hole in House Floor

Allen West, freshman congressman from Florida, is a little wet behind the ears. Apparently he confused his arsehole with a House floor debate. It happens. And you thought politics wasn’t interesting. Anyway, the confusion began when Debbie Wasserman Schultz, also a congressperson from Florida, whose district just so happens to neighbor West’s district, remarked on […]

UPDATE: Anthony Weiner Packs It In and Resigns Amidst Howard Stern’s Hecklers

Anthony Weiner made it official today that he will be resigning from his congressional seat. In his nationally televised press conference held at Council Center for Senior Citizens in Brooklyn, Weiner addressed both his constituents and the nation: About 20 years ago, I stood in this very same room here at the Council Center and […]

Rep. Ed Markey: The Republican Rapture is Coming! (VIDEO)

Just when you thought you escaped the rapture, it turns out it’s not over! Apparently, it’s still coming according to Representative Ed Markey (D. Ma.) who spole about the Republican Rapture in front of Congress today. Check out the video and remember to – “Vote Yes or No on Grandma!”