Prop 8 Tribute: Top 40 Witty Pro Gay Marriage Protest Signs

Since Proposition 8 took another severe blow today as two rational judges of the Federal Appeals court in San Francisco ruled Tuesday that California’s voter-mandated ban on gay marriages was unconstitutional, it’s time for a look back at those that brought us to this very moment. Those that carried the heavy mantle, the burning torch, […]

Breitbart: #OccupyWallStreet is “Working From Hamas Playbook”

Seems like Donny Deutch’s Kent State moment comment rubbed off on some idiots at Occupy Oakland who decided democracy was for pussies as they outvoted a nonviolent majority of protesters on Tuesday and aggressively retaliated against police who had previously teargased them. The majority of the protesters had no interest in brawling with the professionals […]

Surly Singing Starbucks Server – Ahem, Barista – Gets Fired (VIDEOS)

Oh sad day! First, REM breaks up and now this news comes out (okay it happened on Tuesday but CNN didn’t tell me until today). The Singing Starbucks Badass Barista (AKA Christopher Cristwell) was fired today. Frownie face. All because he posted a little video on YouTube (haven’t we all) in which he was mostly […]