Tracy Morgan Actively Commits to His Apology Regarding His Gay Rant

It appears Tracy Morgan may have actually meant what he said. No, not that he would kill his hypothetical gay son, but that he was sorry for saying that he would kill his hypothetical gay son. After Morgan released the apology last Friday, many, including yours truly, questioned his sincerity believing that he needed to […]

Ann Coulter’s Hypothetical Gay Son Was Adopted

After refusing to answer hypothetical personal questions from the fearsome Piers Morgan on CNN last week, the fearless Ann Coulter ran to Fox News host Hannity to finally answer the question: “Ann. If your children were born homosexual, what would you do?” Wait, let’s put this in its proper context. As Hannity said it: If […]

Tracy Morgan Blows It With Hate-filled Anti-Gay Rant – Attempts Apology (VIDEO)

Remember when Mel Gibson had a career? That was fun. Well this is kinda like that. After months of hearing nothing but heterosexual sex scandals in the news media, Tracy Morgan took the time during his stand up routine in Nashville recently to remind his audience that it’s the homos that are the “mistakes.” Kevin […]

Will Ferrell, Jon Stewart Crack Jokes At The Comedy Awards And as other celebs joined them on the carpet — Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Andy Samberg, Tracy Morgan — they picked up on Ferrell and McKay’s theme …

Comedy Awards 2011 Red Carpet Photos: First Annual Comedy Awards Pictures

Among those attending the first annual event were Olivia Munn, Jon Cryer, Lisa Joyner, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jon Stewart, Louis CK, Kristen Wiig …