Trump Ankles “Newt Romney” to New Reality TV Show

There have been more GOP debates this fall than episodes of “Dancing with the Stars.” This week’s debate, hosted by Fox News in Sioux City, Iowa, was the mid-season cliffhanger, and left voters wondering who will triumph and who will paso doble their way back to obscurity, which in Republican politics means either becoming a […]

Our Guide to the Best Coverage on Rep. Michele Bachmann and Her Record

by Marian Wang ProPublica, Aug. 24, 2011, 12:21 p.m. This is the latest installment in a series of reading guides on 2012 presidential candidates. We’ve also covered Texas Gov. Rick Perry [1] and Congressman Ron Paul [2]. The basics: Though she certainly has a challenger [1] in Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann […]

Pew Proves It: Ron Paul Gets Snubbed by Media

Poor Ron Paul. If only he were a female, half his age riding around on a tour bus like he’s friggin’ Hanna Montana; or if only he was uber rich but follicly challenged and damn certain that maybe the leader of the free world was born in Kenya; or if only he’d treat marriage like […]

Ron Paul Gets Snubbed by Media – Translation


Ron Paul Gets Snubbed by Media


How Should Iowa Straw Poll Attendees Vote?

BBQ, Blizzards and Nadas are just a few of the wide variety of items a fair goer, er, straw poll attendee can expect when they set foot in the 2011 Ames Straw Poll this Saturday. With all of Republican presidential candidates eager for their votes, the attendees will be lavished with musical guests, dance parties […]

Tim Pawlenty “Eats Shutdowns for Breakfast”, Wisconsonites for Lunch and Then a Sensible Dinner

In response to the Michele Obama’s replacing the old “food pyramid” with the new “food plate” because Americans are becoming both too fat and too xenophobic (yes, it’s a real word… look it up!), Tim Pawlenty released his new campaign video in which he openly admits that he “[eats] government shutdowns for breakfast!” I’ve heard […]

Stephen Colbert’s Super Pac is Official Thanks to FEC! (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert testified before the Federal Election Committee on Thursday morning in regards to establishing his Super PAC and while you’d think the committee would be used to the paparazzi by now considering their glamorous day jobs they were remarkably taken aback by all the commotion. Nevertheless, the meeting was rather quick for a bureaucracy […]

UPDATE: Republican Sponsored Obama Impersonator Tells RACIAL Jokes – Audience Laughs Way Too Hard

Many in the media, including TPM and WaPo, are calling the jokes in this video racist or in the case of WaPo, off-color. I guess if you think the TV show Sanford and Son was racist or off-color then you’d be right. Maybe the jokes by Reggie Brown, who was hired by the Republican Leadership […]

Tim Pawlenty Gets Glittered

Don’t mess with Milk Town T-Paw! Or you’ll pay for it in pink glitter! Tim Pawlenty was at his Courage to Stand book signing at a convention for America’s Health Insurance Plans on Friday in San Francisco (hometown of slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk) and Code Pink activists were there to paid him a […]