Huffington Post Blogger Breaks Golden Rule: Don’t Be Douchey – Makes Andrew Breitbart Look Good (VIDEO)

Nobody draws a crowd like Andrew Breitbart. And nobody draws an angry liberal swarm like Andrew Breitbart. Simply his presence seems to incite those that see him as the fifth horseman of the apocalypse. At Friday’s Netroots Nation Conference, Breitbart made a cameo appearance showing up without the coveted press credential and attempting to enter […]

UPDATE: Anthony Weiner Packs It In and Resigns Amidst Howard Stern’s Hecklers

Anthony Weiner made it official today that he will be resigning from his congressional seat. In his nationally televised press conference held at Council Center for Senior Citizens in Brooklyn, Weiner addressed both his constituents and the nation: About 20 years ago, I stood in this very same room here at the Council Center and […]