Al Qaeda Offers Camel, Chicken Bounty For Obama, Clinton

The Obama Administration may now realize why our national debt is way too high. We are paying way too much for our war bounties these days. Recently, the US offered of up to $33 million for tip-offs leading to the arrest of Al Qaeda’s top leaders. That’s an apparent overspend of a few 100,000 farm […]

Osama bin Laden dead: Two Dutch-bags try to report Barack Obama for Murder

Two Dutch-bags, Ruud Snoeren and Terry Flohr, stormed into a Dutch police office in the city of Tiburg this week to report President Obama for the “murder” Osama bin Laden. The two d-bags accused the President of “’perpetrating’ a crime by ordering the special forces raid that led to bin Laden’s death on Sunday” according to the UK’s Telegraph.

Osama bin Laden is Dead: Did Obama Fulfill a Promise? (Video)

ack in an October 2008 presidential debate then Senator Obama was asked about how to handle the situation in Pakistan and how if at all we should pursue al Qaeda terrorists keeping their bases in Pakistan. Judging from his response and the recent news of bin Laden’s death can we consider this one a promise kept by the Obama Administration?

Michio Kaku on the next 100 years

In his new book, “Physics of the Future”, Michio Kaku predicts how technology will revolutionize life in the 22nd century