EPIC FAIL: Super Committee Inflicts Economic Waterboarding

Remember that Super Committee that was going to save the greatest country in the world from another epic economic collapse while demonstrating true bipartisan camaraderie and teaching us all the meaning of fiscal responsibility? You know, the one that, if it failed to cut the deficit by $1.2tn, the metaphorical gun-to-our-heads would go off and […]

2011 Recession/Presidential Election Idiocy Brain Scan

What would the brain looks like having been bombarded with the current news of the day.

Impaled by Wall Street

The stock market plunges 500 points; Standard & Poors downgrades the US credit for the first time since 1917. We’re doomed.

Dow Jones and the Temple of Economic Doom

Dow Jones and the Temple of Economic Doom Where’s Harrison Ford when you need him? Our economy has had its still beating stock market of a heart pried from its chest while being dangled over a volcanic fire on its way to certain financial doom. This is a moment for Indiana Jones and that little […]