Governor Rick Perry/Parry Sends Strong Signal to Colbert PAC

It is almost all but settled that Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, er, Parry will be hitching his saddle to the most powerful Super PAC in the country: Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow, Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC brought to you by the Colbert Nation! According to POLITICO this is “no joke.” As Dave Levinthal […]

Jobs for Iowa Challenges Colbert Super PAC to Tractor Pull

Oh it is ON!!! … Hopefully … Jobs for Iowa issued a press-release-double-dog dare on Friday night, the night before the Iowa Straw Poll challenging Stephen Colbert and his Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow to a good old fashion tractor pull. No word yet on whether Mr. Colbert accepted the challenge since he had less than a day to respond. What? Is Jobs for Iowa scared that they may have unleashed the beast?

Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC Releases Rick Parry Campaign Videos (Yup, PLURAL!)

AMERICA – Colbert Super PAC released a TV ad today in advance of the Quadrennial Ames Iowa Straw Poll – held this year in Ames, Iowa. The ad, entitled “Episode IV: A New Hope” urges Iowans to write in the name of Texas Governor Rick Parry. Thanks to last year’s Supreme Court ruling in Citizens […]

Did You Get The Memo? Wisconsin Voters Should Mail Their Absentee Ballots in AFTER the Election

Thank God for the teachers that taught the Wisconsin voters how to read! After a ballot application flyer was sent out to at least two heavily Democratic districts by the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a number of keen constituents noticed some interesting “errors” that would actually prevent their vote from being counted. According […]

Stephen Colbert Gets Better and Better with “It’s Gets Better”

Just when you thought Stephen Colbert wasn’t doing enough to save the world, he surprises us once again. After tackling illegal immigration and campaign finance reform, Colbert is now taking on LGBT bullying and discrimination by helping out with the It Gets Better Project. Believe it or not, mega-successful, super sex god Stephen Colbert was […]

What the Hell is a Super PAC?

So you might have heard that Stephen Colbert now has his own Super PAC and now you’re wondering, “What in God’s name is a Super PAC?” Is it the new version of the Pac-10 with the Colorado Buffaloes and the Utah Utes added? Nope! That’s the PAC-12. Is it a agreement that you make with […]

Stephen Colbert’s Super Pac is Official Thanks to FEC! (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert testified before the Federal Election Committee on Thursday morning in regards to establishing his Super PAC and while you’d think the committee would be used to the paparazzi by now considering their glamorous day jobs they were remarkably taken aback by all the commotion. Nevertheless, the meeting was rather quick for a bureaucracy […]

Stephen Colbert Delivers in Northwestern Commencement Speech

Stephen Colbert graduated from Northwestern University 25 years ago, and on Friday, he returned to deliver a hilarious and poignant commencement speech to the class of 2011. It’s a definite must watch if you have 20 minutes to spare. Why watch this video aside from the fact that you get 20 minutes of straight up […]

Stephen Colbert Takes on Major League Baseball in Beat The Streak Challenge

Having just returned from nearly conquering the Bermuda Triangle, Stephen Colbert has now agreed to take on Major League Baseball. On Thursday, MLB’s Twitter account, @MLB, challenged The Colbert Report host to “Beat the Streak” asking: “Is @StephenAtHome up to the Beat the Streak challenge? Does he like fun? If he wins, the keys to […]

Baby Disgusted at Stephen Colbert and Spirit of Juno for Second Place Finish in Charleston Bermuda Race

We couldn’t help but notice the only one not smiling in this photo. Apparently she understood the gravity of the situation and was not to thrilled with a second place finish. You can guarantee daddy will not be getting any snuggles or goochie-goos when he gets home tonight!