Jabba the Hut Impersonator Roger Ailes: Jon Stewart Told Me He’s a Socialist

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Roger Ailes went to a cantin- I mean “a bar”. And in that “bar” he met Hans So- I mean, Jon Stewart. The two beer-bonded and in that moment of alcohonesty, Stewart confessed to Ailes that, yes Virginia, he is basically a socialist. According to […]

Bachmann to Socialists: You Dirty Republicans!

Proving that she is truly a parrot, Michelle Bachmann latched onto a buzz word and is now applying it to every situation that pops up. Even though she doesn’t understand the word. Yes. Socialism. That very, very dirty word that Republicans like to label on people who disagree with them. It’s really a foul disgusting […]

Earl Zimmerman for President: Fighting Against Communisism

Here is Earl Zim-Zimmermann and he’s running for de–, Republican de-… Here’s Earl Zimmerman and he’s running for Republican… Republican. His name, his name is Earl Zimmerman… His name is Earl Zimmerman and he’s running for Republican office! President to be exact! Why? Because of blood-sucking, worthless liberals who are “trying to promote socialism and […]