Snowe’s Departure From Senate Means Laser Tag For All

It’s the exodus of the centrists in Washington. Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) announced her retirement on Tuesday. Her exit, followed by independent and blue dog Democrats like Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Kent Conrad, marks the all but inevitable extinction of the moderate. During her press statement, Snowe lamented, “I do find it frustrating…that an […]

Republican Senator John Sullivan: When Democracy Doesn’t Work Just Shoot the Opposition [VIDEO]

Apparently, Republican Senator John Sullivan of Oklahoma is not a big fan of democracy these days. See his favorite budget bill, the hip-n-happenin’ Paul Ryan Budget that has been all the rage with the GOP for the last year, didn’t win the Senatorial Award for Best Bill of the Year nor did it get passed […]

Martha Stewart Rages Over Congress’ Insider Trading

Martha Stewart’s staff was on high alert on Monday after news spread faster than avocado hollandaise on Sous Vide Alaskan halibut, that Ms. Stewart had caught the latest 60 Minutes episode. The business magnate, best-selling author, magazine publisher, television superstar and international representation of what our miserable lives will never become spent five months in […]