UPDATE: Michele Bachmann Newsweek “Queen of Rage” Cover Causes Rage (VIDEO)

If you aren’t terror stricken yet by the thought of Michele Bachmann as president of the United States, you will be once you see the cover of this week’s Newsweek magazine. The perma-panic look on her face is the same look that afflicted many of us when we heard those horrifying words that she was […]

Fox News “Co-Worker” Sarah Palin Treated Differently Than Others (VIDEO)

As if we didn’t already know, Fox “News” journalists, er, personalities have a difficult time expressing anything but enthusiasm for Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin considering her “Contributor” status to the network. Nevertheless, the inevitable finally happened when one of little cubs strayed too far from the den and actually admitted it. “The only problem with […]

Bill Maher Panel Wants to Angrily F**k Bachmann and Santorum

You heard it right. And gee wasn’t it funny? Isn’t it funny when a bunch of Neanderthals sit around a shiny, glossy table with lights and cameras pointed at them resisting the urged to jiggle their junk come up with hilarity like this? Wow! ROTFL! LOL! OMG! So what exactly did they say? Well, they […]

The Early Warning Signs of 2012 Presidential Election Media Overload

What Cats Think About the 2012 Presidential Campaign

What Cats Think About the 2012 Presidential Campaign

Rush Limbaugh’s Liber-Tea: Two If By Tea

Possibly as a forever reminder to Sarah Palin of the real story of Paul Revere, Rush Limbaugh has officially released his first ever non-potent potable (pun intended) Two If By Tea. It took them a year to develop and according to Rush it is “kick butt.” Apparently it’s only available online because they wanted to […]

Vicar Of Old North Church Confesses to Planting Improper History Thoughts in Sarah Palin’s Head

The Rev. Stephen T. Ayres, vicar of the Old North Church, also known as Christ Church in the City of Boston, confessed recently to planting improper history thoughts in Sarah Palin’s head. Remember when Sarah Palin was caught off-guard by that gotcha journalist who asked “What have you seen so far today and what are […]

24,000 Pages of Sarah Palin Emails = Torture

While MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, et.al. are giddy over the release of 24,000+ pages of Sarah Palin related emails from her time as governor of Alaska, not many folks online, Sarah Palin supporters or not, seem too thrilled at the three news outlets for “asking readers to help us identify interesting […]

Fox News Mistakes Tina Fey For Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

The Mistress of Disguise, Tina Fey, was able to pull on over on Fox News without even trying today as the “news” network mistakenly displayed an image of Fey as Sarah Palin while discussing Palin’s something or other. This is a direct violation of Fox News strict code of “zero tolerance for on-screen errors.” In fact, in the past Fox News had issued a stern memo saying the following:

Sarah Palin was Right About Paul Revere, Says Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Facing her toughest critic to date, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, Sarah Palin defended her version of American history, in which Paul Revere “warned the British,” saying that she didn’t get it wrong. Palin began by explaining that her publicity tour was not a publicity tour. Instead, it was a publicity tour where she will […]