Campaign Ad Review: Ron Paul – Unelectable

This week, presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman released a 30-second horror film starring Ron Paul entitled Unelectable. The film, as many this season, starts with choppy video footage, AM radio-quality dialogue, over a music bed of spooky meandering piano that would make Trent Reznor jealous. The film follows Ron Paul from interview to interview as he […]

GOP Candidate, Ron Paul, Storms Off CNN Set: Interview Continues Without Him

During a CNN interview on Wednesday, GOP Congressman and candidate for president Ron Paul took off his microphone and walked out after questioning by Gloria Borgerseemed to make him uncomfortable and frustrated. The questions that were asked of Paul regarded newsletters he published 20 years ago.  The newsletters apparently contained some pretty incendiary racist material, […]

Trump Ankles “Newt Romney” to New Reality TV Show

There have been more GOP debates this fall than episodes of “Dancing with the Stars.” This week’s debate, hosted by Fox News in Sioux City, Iowa, was the mid-season cliffhanger, and left voters wondering who will triumph and who will paso doble their way back to obscurity, which in Republican politics means either becoming a […]

Top 9 Moments from Saturday’s ABC News Republican Debate (VIDEO)

“We can start with his idea to have a lunar colony that would mine minerals from the moon. I’m not in favor of spending that kind of money.” Mitt Romney on the differences between himself and Newt Gingrich “I was in the Private Sector.” – Newt Gingrich, On his relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie […]

Mitt Romney Denies Donald Trump Debate Love

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has decided not to participate in the Newsmax debate to be moderated by Donald Trump. Mitt Romney is the third to decline the invitation following the lead of Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul. Following Mitt Romney’s announcement, Donald Trump released a statement saying, “It would seem logical to me that if […]

The Last Gasp of the Failed GOP Frontrunner

With Newt Gingrich the current frontrunner for the GOP nomination and the recent implosion of the Herman Cain campaign, here’s a look at fates of the last few GOP presidential candidates that were once the frontrunner (i.e. Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry).

Donald Trump to Moderate Debate and Hot Dog Sales Challenge

In a surprise move, conservative magazine Newsmax has tapped TV person Donald Trump to moderate a Republican presidential debate in Des Moines, Iowa on Dec. 27. To assure the public he isn’t turning the debate into a media spectacle, Mr. Trump told MSNBC that he would make an endorsement decision immediately after the debate. “Rick […]

Ron Paul: I’ll Haunt Your Prostate, Free Bananas!

Watch out for your prostates, men! And not because of the glow in the dark urethra beaming out of your pants. That’s just radiation or cancer or whatever. No, you need to be on the lookout now for Ron Paul who, according to Bad Lip Reading, wants to haunt your prostate! We all thought this […]

So You Want to Be President Board Game

Only Real Americans need apply! Fill out E-Z Form Birth Certificate. At debates, repeat canned patriotic applause lines. Make cornball speeches at county fairs. Go on a bus tour. And much more! The Truth About Cats: Notes From The Feline Underbelly (Volume 1) Now available on Amazon!

Political musings … updated Nov. 12

Occupy Wall Street will never become Main Street. The problem with the movement is that its slogan always is, “Something is wrong but I don’t know what!” It’s time to figure out the “what.” Is it more taxes? If so, to whom? When? What about just cutting loopholes? Generating revenue is tricky, but someone’s gotta […]