Political Debate: Desperately seeking…G.O.B for the G.O.P

This goes out in honor of the most recent GOP political debate;and the Republicans desperate scramble to find a party who can realistically compete with our President Barack Obama (no I did not limit it to just currently). Now wait, I know there is some red faced old man from Butcher Holler,Kentucky screaming at his […]

Newt Gingrich Wants Mitt Romney to Pay Zero Taxes

During Monday’s Republican debate at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, Newt Gingrich proposed with his new tax plan that Mitt Romney pay NO taxes at all, whatsoever. You heard right. Romney was a bit perplexed at first and asked, “Mr. Speaker, is that tax on capital gains also 15% or is it […]

Jon Huntsman to Join the Jackass TV Series

“Excitement” is the buzzword as the weary, downbeat campaign staff finish off the office coffee supplies at the farewell meeting of the now defunct Jon Huntsman presidential effort. Everyone is convinced they had the most competent, experienced, accomplished, erudite, savvy, attack-proof, stylish, handsome candidate in decades of GOP history; but this candidate totally failed to […]

Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign Ruined Because He Spoke French Once

Newt Gingrich, self-proclaimed legitimate Presidential candidate, has been flexing his muscles in South Carolina by attacking the current Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney. It has proven difficult to attack Romney on the basis of political platform and policy because frankly people don’t care about that. But there is one thing that Newt knows everyone in America […]

Newt Gingrich Goes #OWS on Fox And Friends

Newt Gingrich who once infamously told the Occupy Wall Street protesters to “Go get a job right after you take a bath” has now taken up the OWS mantra, although, let’s be honest, he’s way to prideful to understand that it is the OWS mantra that he has taken. While Newt’s head is massive and […]

Mitt Romney: MEX-HE-CAN!

It’s a little known fact that in the spring of 1885, Mitt Romney’s great grandfather, Miles Park Romney, moved the kids, the dogs, and his four wives from Utah to Mexico.  It wasn’t a timeshare, margaritas, or even spring break that was calling him – although Miles did love pussy.  No, it turns out the […]

Gingrich Mistaken for Michael Moore, Booed, Escorted out of his Supporters’ Meeting

Newt Gingrich whining about the excessive role of money in election? Reminds me how Taliban complained about the excessive role of religion in politics, or Jack the Ripper’s 1889 interview to The Daily Telegraph complaining about the excessive role of knives in gender relations. Gingrich and $ have been a loving, harmonious couple for decades. […]

Rick Perry Releases Mitt Romney Fire People Ringtone, Restoring Truthiness Releases Rick Perry Ringtone

We searched high and low for the evidence of the now infamous Rick Perry ringtone tribute to Mitt Romney that mocked the former Massachusetts Governor/Bain Capital Executive’s recent comment about his glee over firing people. But we had no luck. We even went so far as to become a member of Rick Perry’s website and […]

The Caucus has Spoken, Romney Crowned King of Iowa

After the all night political bender that was the Iowa caucuses, the world is finally allowed to rest. For the Iowans have selected their President and that man is Mitt Romney. With a late push, Mr. Romney took a commanding lead over Rick Santorum in the mid-west state that is fairly east and held that […]

Getting To Know Mitt Romney

The 2012 GOP Primary will be underway in now just a matter of days. Republican frontrunner, former Massachusetts Governor, Willard “Mitt” Romney, is a businessman who spent his life in the private sector.  And as a businessman who spent his life in the private sector, he believes government is an ill-run, wasteful, incompetent organization that […]