Finalists for PolitiFact’s 2011 Lie of the Year and President of Pathological Liars Anonymous Announced

If there is one thing our politicians do with the utmost proficiency and finesse it is lie. No one lies like a politician and our politicians put guys like Tommy Flanagan, President of Pathological Liars Anonymous to shame. You remember Tommy Flanagan from his PSAs on Saturday Night Live. He always introduced those PSAs by […]

Donald Trump to Moderate Debate and Hot Dog Sales Challenge

In a surprise move, conservative magazine Newsmax has tapped TV person Donald Trump to moderate a Republican presidential debate in Des Moines, Iowa on Dec. 27. To assure the public he isn’t turning the debate into a media spectacle, Mr. Trump told MSNBC that he would make an endorsement decision immediately after the debate. “Rick […]

Prick Perry: Get Congress Away So Banksters Can Play

Scratch that. Get Pussy Congress Away so Rat Bastard Banksters Can Devour $7.7 BILLION dollars from the FED and then another $700 billion from TARP. Is this class warfare? You bet it is! Most Americans learned this basic rule of the food chain in kindergarten. Left unchecked, rodents will do what rodents do best: consume […]

Rick Perry’s Views On Iran Include Hamas/Hezbollah Training Bases In Mexico and On The Moon

While we all know that the United States is doing terribly when it comes to education, Texas Governor Rick Perry proved that you don’t have to be smart or educated to become a state governor or run for President. During last Tuesday night’s Republican debate on national security, Rick Perry espoused his belief that Hamas […]

A GOP Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by Jimmy Kimmel

Thanksgiving can be a stressful holiday. All the preparations involved, the planning, the poultry, the pressure cookers – AKA the dinner table. It’s enough to drive anyone to fork their dinner neighbor in the leg while lunging for the last drop of stuffing left on the table. Now imagine your holiday dinner with your favorite […]

An American Worker Responds to President Obama’s “Lazy” Comment

Two Republican candidates, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, have recently attacked President Obama about comments made by the president in which he said “we’ve been lazy.” Perry even cut a new campaign ad centered around the comment. The one, slight problem is that President Obama was commenting on the current state of the lack of […]

So You Want to Be President Board Game

Only Real Americans need apply! Fill out E-Z Form Birth Certificate. At debates, repeat canned patriotic applause lines. Make cornball speeches at county fairs. Go on a bus tour. And much more! The Truth About Cats: Notes From The Feline Underbelly (Volume 1) Now available on Amazon!

Pelosi Slams Perry, Gov Hurts, Cain Speaks Cuban

Nancy Pelosi shows signs of horrible genetic mutation that leads to deficiencies in three things: making lists, debating, and … oops! Watch out! Don’t confuse Max Baucus, the senator exposed in Peter Schweizer’s new book Throw Them All Out: How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich Off Insider Stock Tips, Land Deals, and Cronyism That […]

Nancy Pelosi Speaker Slams Rick Perry (VIDEO)

If there was a Darwin Award for political suicide, Rick Perry would have won it after his nationally televised “Oops” gaff signaled a deficiency in the holding-more-than-two-pieces-of-information-in-the-brain-at-once gene. Having survived the near death experience, Perry exercised the few remaining brain cells that didn’t abandon his campaign and thought, “Wouldn’t it be a brilliant idea for […]

INSIDER TRENDING: Crocodile Insurance, White Supremacists & Pope vs. Benetton’s UnHate Campaign

In preparation for wresting with Congress over the collapse of the Super Committee and his jobs bill, Obama’s getting crocodile insurance. Rick Perry’s Campaign can’t afford YouTube. Keith Olbermann misunderstands the point of white supremacist biker gangs believing that they admit black folks. The Pope hates Benetton’s UnHate Campaign. After Benetton Photoshopped His Holiness pecking […]