Romney Backed By “Pink Slime” Money

The company Beef Products Inc., has come under fire for adding what the media is referring to as “pink slime” (yum) to their ground beef. What is “pink slime” made of? Well, I’m glad you asked. First, you chop off all the things from a piece of meat that you wouldn’t want to eat. Then […]

Rick Santorum to Abraham Lincoln: Oh You Infidel!

Rick Santorum is confused. The Republican presidential candidate, who has been complaining that he has been under siege by the media with questions regarding his Catholic faith, bashed the door open to a potential onslaught on “gotcha” questions after saying this to Bill Cunningham on his WLW radio show on Friday: Look at every race […]

G.O.P. Presidential Candidate Math Quiz

The Only Reason Rick Perry Should Head to New Hampshire

Tweet and Retweet the tweet…

Newt Gingrich: GOP’s True Nomination

In a rare show of tenacity, but common show of obliviousness, Newt Gingrich continues his campaign for the GOP nomination. You have to admire it, if you know the secret logic behind it; he’s really the GOP’s predetermined candidate. Sure, you may question it. I know I did, but a night with my buddy Jack […]