Fox News Red Eye: Tweens Love Ugandan Warlords and Hate Rush Limbaugh

Peace talks bewteen Uganda and LRA collapse

There is injustice in the world and it’s coming from an unlikely source: America’s tweens. As Friday’s Red Eye panel pointed out, tweens have gone crazy over the Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. As Jake Fogelnest explained, “Tweens love Ugandan warlords.” Totally! Move over Justin Beiber! Kony 2012! Kony is on fire right now with over [...]

Fox News “Co-Worker” Sarah Palin Treated Differently Than Others (VIDEO)

Fox News Co-Worker Sarah Palin Treated Differently Than Others VIDEO

As if we didn’t already know, Fox “News” journalists, er, personalities have a difficult time expressing anything but enthusiasm for Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin considering her “Contributor” status to the network. Nevertheless, the inevitable finally happened when one of little cubs strayed too far from the den and actually admitted it. “The only problem with [...]