The Ultimate 2012 New Year’s Resolution

Final list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2012. Seems doable. What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Related articles Sugar Shout Out: The Most Anticipated Films of 2012 ( Resolutely not (

Black Friday rings in the spirit of giving

When you see a grown woman sprint to a table full of fleece sweatshirts despite being the first customer in the store and parents keeping their babies out until 3 in the morning just because there is a sale, something inside you changes. Such was the case for me yesterday/today from 9 PM to 5 […]

Is “Goldman Sachs Rules The World” Stock Trader, Alessio Rastani, a Member of Yes Men?

If you haven’t heard of The Yes Men, you are in for it! Literally! Well, okay, only if you’re one of the big-time “leaders and big corporations who put profits ahead of everything else.” According to their Wikipedia entry: The Yes Men are a culture jamming activist duo and network of supporters created by Andy […]

God Hangs Out in Wal-Mart Parking Lots

In case you’ve been wondering where the f*** God has been this past decade as our nation was attacked, we invaded two countries, our countries leadership has fallen apart and the global economy has collapsed (plus, of course, the usual – civil wars, floods, famine, earthquakes, tsunamis, oil spills, yada, yada) – apparently, he’s been […]

2011 Recession/Presidential Election Idiocy Brain Scan

What would the brain looks like having been bombarded with the current news of the day.