Republican’s Racist Campaign Strategy Uncovered

The men and women of the Mitt Romney campaign are geniuses when it comes to political strategy.  So says the host and commentators of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” (video below).  They are as brilliant as they are conniving.  To think, I was one of the foolhardy that actually believed the presumptive Republican Nominee, Mitt Romney, […]

Fox Affiliate MyFoxOrlando: Neo-Nazis are The New Civil Rights Movement!

“They say they’re not a violent group but they are willing to fight for their people should a race riot break out here in Sanford,” says MyFoxOrlando “Live on 35” on-the-scene reporter Jennifer Bisram, with anchors Keith Landry and Tracy Jacim primping in the studio. “There’s another civil rights group in town. The National Socialist […]

John Derbyshire’s “Non-Black Talk” = Racist Event of the Century

Chris Rock lit up the internets on Thursday with the “Non-Black Talk”: Chris’s take on “The Talk” white people have with their kids about living and dealing with existing in a world with scary black people. It’s is a hilarious list of ironic situations and descriptions of awkward moments that many a white folk have […]

Malkin Bias: Posts Fake Photo of Trayvon Martin Using New #TeamDueProcess – No Joke

Who the hell names their website “”? Oh, I know! Psycho-bitch Michelle Malkin who posts false photos of crime victims to try to settle some sort of needless score with the mainstream media in a game that only exists in her head. Malkin’s new website,, posted a photo of Trayvon Martin flipping the finger […]

Pratt, Gun Owners of America: ‘Trayvon Martin Lost His Rights’ After He Skittle-Whipped Zimmerman

Larry Pratt, executive director of the Gun Owners of America, visited Current TV’s The Young Turks on Friday to discuss the Trayvon Martin case and to explain to Cenk Uygur how Martin’s death was actually all Martin’s fault. For those of you that are familiar with Cenk, you know how well that went over with […]

“Don’t Re-Nig in 2012” Racist Misspelling Totally Ruins Bumper Sticker Message

Poor Stumpy Stickers. The company that issued the racist Obama bumper sticker “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012” made a huge mistake. All they were trying to say with their cute little bumper sticker was “Don’t Renege in 2012,” meaning don’t go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract. When they ordered their stickers from Stupid Is […]

Some NYPD Cops Complain on Facebook About Doing What’s In Their Job Description

Apparently, some NYPD cops don’t like their job. Either that, or they forgot what they signed up for. I used to think that cops were a lot like the military; they’re paid by taxpayers, they work hard, they do a damn scary job, and they do it because they want to protect all of us […]

UPDATE: Republican Sponsored Obama Impersonator Tells RACIAL Jokes – Audience Laughs Way Too Hard

Many in the media, including TPM and WaPo, are calling the jokes in this video racist or in the case of WaPo, off-color. I guess if you think the TV show Sanford and Son was racist or off-color then you’d be right. Maybe the jokes by Reggie Brown, who was hired by the Republican Leadership […]

Birthers: Can Well-Meaning People Be Swept Up By Racists?

The framers of this birther movement or even those in the Republican establishment that might have had a hand in pushing to delegitimize the president may very well not have a racist bone in their body. However, to say that the frenzy surrounding the birth certificate had nothing to do with racism would be a mistake and here’s why.