Soledad O’Brien Tries to Make Sense of Mitt Romney’s “I Am Not Concerned With the Poor” Comment

Mitt Romney - I am not concerned with the poor

Soledad O’Brien tries to make sense of Mitt Romney’s “I’m not concerned about the very poor” comment.

Newt Gingrich: Poor Kids + Work Ethic = FAIL!

Newt Gingrich - Poor Kids Have No Work Ethic

If only poor kids were more like rich kids, the Income Gap would be just another shop at the Mega-Mall, right? That’s what Newt Gingrich says. Rich kids have a strong work ethic. Poor kids don’t. We can all go home now. Problem solved. Just shove a plunger in those pitiful kids’ hands, tell them [...]

America’s Growing Income Gap, by the Numbers

America's Growing Income Gap, by the Numbers

by Braden Goyette ProPublica The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office recently released a much-discussed study [1] showing that over the past three decades the income of the highest-paid Americans has soared while the income of others has grown much more modestly. Here’s a rundown of some statistics illustrating the growing income gap. But first, some context. [...]