Liberal Progress Kentucky Sets Clock Back to 1941 with Racist Tweets about McConnell’s Wife

If you can’t face them, tweet about them. That seems to be motto of the liberal superPAC Progress Kentucky. For months, Progress Kentucky has been attacking McConnell and holding demonstrations at his offices and home, according to NPR member station WFPL. And when that didn’t work, they dug deep in to the freakish hellscape of […]

Barack Obama Caused the Great Recession

President Obama caused the Great Recession. The conclusive* evidence is below. It is no secret that conservatives would love to blame President Obama for the collapse of the US economy. Even better if a line could be drawn directly from his policies of socialized medical care and big business bailouts to the problems with unemployment […]

What the Hell is a Super PAC?

So you might have heard that Stephen Colbert now has his own Super PAC and now you’re wondering, “What in God’s name is a Super PAC?” Is it the new version of the Pac-10 with the Colorado Buffaloes and the Utah Utes added? Nope! That’s the PAC-12. Is it a agreement that you make with […]

Stephen Colbert’s Super Pac is Official Thanks to FEC! (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert testified before the Federal Election Committee on Thursday morning in regards to establishing his Super PAC and while you’d think the committee would be used to the paparazzi by now considering their glamorous day jobs they were remarkably taken aback by all the commotion. Nevertheless, the meeting was rather quick for a bureaucracy […]

Stephen Colbert’s New PAC, SEC’s New Shareholder Rights and More in Capital … – Center for Responsive Politics

COLBERT READIES HIS OWN PAC: On Wednesday night, comedian Stephen Colbert talked political action committees with Trevor Potter, the head of the Campaign Legal Center …

Stephen Colbert Follows in Footsteps of Palin, Pawlenty, Starts “ColbertPac” – Neon Tommy

Is Stephen Colbert jumping from the comedy world to the political world? The host of the Comedy Central program “The Colbert Report,” …