Our Guide to the Best Coverage of Ron Paul and His Record

Three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul is consistently disregarded by the media, a point made recently by comedian Jon Stewart [2] and confirmed by a Pew Research Center [3] analysis [3]of news coverage.

Pew Proves It: Ron Paul Gets Snubbed by Media

Poor Ron Paul. If only he were a female, half his age riding around on a tour bus like he’s friggin’ Hanna Montana; or if only he was uber rich but follicly challenged and damn certain that maybe the leader of the free world was born in Kenya; or if only he’d treat marriage like […]

Fox News Blames Teachers for Yahoo! Claim that “Teens Don’t Know Who Osama Bin Laden Is”

Based solely on their search result data, wanna-be-Google (AKA Yahoo!) has made the bold claim that American teens have no idea who in the hell Osama bin Laden is. According to their data “(s)earches on Sunday for Osama bin Laden spiked nearly 100,00% [sic] … Nearly 1 in 5 searches for “osama bin laden” are by teenagers, many of who grew up during the war on terrorism. 25% of searches overall for Osama came from those under 24.”