Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Corbett, On Ultrasound Mandate: Just ‘Close Your Eyes’

Some people have eyes in the back of their heads, and women apparently have eyes in the vaginas according to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. Gov. Corbett took some questions and answers during a discussion of the new mandatory ultrasound Pennsylvania bill that is similar to the now mostly defunct Virginia preemptive-pole-up-your-pooter bill. According to the […]

Pa Liquor Control Board Decorates the Bathroom Floor

The above ad briefly ran on the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s website before a number of complaints compelled them to remove it. Apparently, it’s in bad taste to suggest to women, “Don’t you dare get drunk because if you do, you’re going to get raped and it will be your fault!” I also suppose it’s […]

Crazed Apes Escape Penn State Zoo After Hearing of Firing of Joe Paterno, Head Lion Trainer

Thousands of screaming chimpanzees with smart phones in hand escaped the local zoo in Centre County, Pennsylvania today after apparently being startled by loud noises coming from a multitude of electronic devices surrounding them saying that a head lion trainer, Joe Paterno, had been fired. The situation was truly bizarre as nearly 2,000 chimpanzees escaped […]