Spin Doctor Pat Robertson Explains Tornadoes

Tornadoes are serious business. And with the recent deadly outbreaks of tornadoes it’s no wonder that people are searching for answers as to why this has happened. In a new segment for the 700 Club “Pat Robertson Explains Tornadoes,” Don from Illinois asked Robertson, “Why did God send the tornadoes?” Robertson had this to say: God […]

Robertson: My Divorce-Your-Wife-with-Alzheimer Comments Were Misunderstood

Pat Robertson envies the Catholic priests because “when they have somebody in confession it’s all kept secret. “Yep, that’s what I was thinking, too, and know I have to wash my brain out with soap … and maybe some bleach. What he was referring to, though, was the fact that Catholic priests are fortunate not […]

Pat Robertson: Married People Should Divorce Their Alzheimer Stricken Spouses

Marriage for most people is a LIFE-long commitment that ends only when one of the spouses passes away. And by passes away, we mean dies. Headed to the Fossil Farm; checked into the Wooden Waldorf; promoted to Subterranean Truffle Inspector. You get the idea. However, Pat Robertson, host of the 700 Club and all around […]