Fox News Distracted By a Flying Squirrel in a Pink Leotard

While the world watched a 4’11, 16-year-old Gabby Douglas from Virginia Beach, Virginia be crowned Olympic Champion of the All-Around in Gymnastics after having lead the US Olympic Gymnastics Team to a team gold medal, Fox News was distracted by something. No it wasn’t the bling, bling of the beautiful gold medal being placed around […]

GOP New Jersey Housewife: Carl Lewis is a dark skinned freeloader

Yes, THAT Carl Lewis. Google him! The same Carl Lewis that won four Olympic gold medals in Los Angeles in 1984, two Olympic gold medals in Seoul in 1988, two Olympic gold medals in Barcelona in 1992, and one more Olympic gold medal in Atlanta in 1996. Yeah, THAT guy!

Forget about the eight World Championship gold medals and the two gold medals from the Pan American Games.