MF Global Ad: ‘We Have Convictions’

by Marian Wang ProPublica, Nov. 4, 2011, 2:19 p.m. A perusal of the latest issue of Barron’s turned up the following ad for brokerage firm MF Global: (If you are having trouble seeing the image, click here [1].) Somehow the ad, published Saturday, reads a little differently now,┬áin light of recent events [2]: Though no […]

Chris Christie Says No: In Related News, GOP Suffers Mad Case of Blue Balls

The super sexy Chris Christie, the Angelina Jolie of the Republican presidential race for the past couple weeks, the Marilyn Monroe of the GOP has officially pulled out of the race. Okay, he was never in the race; he just teased all of us with statements like, “No, I am sooo not going to run, […]

GOP New Jersey Housewife: Carl Lewis is a dark skinned freeloader

Yes, THAT Carl Lewis. Google him! The same Carl Lewis that won four Olympic gold medals in Los Angeles in 1984, two Olympic gold medals in Seoul in 1988, two Olympic gold medals in Barcelona in 1992, and one more Olympic gold medal in Atlanta in 1996. Yeah, THAT guy!

Forget about the eight World Championship gold medals and the two gold medals from the Pan American Games.