Vaginas vs. The Vatican: New Hampshire GOP Says No Employers Have to Pay for Contraception

The New Hampshire GOP is just the latest in the growing list of Republican state parties that has hit freak-out mode over the battle between vaginas and the Vatican. Just this week vaginas scored big as the Virginia legislature began backpedaling on its state-sanctioned rape bill. And a couple weeks ago, after the Vatican attacked […]

Rick Perry Releases Mitt Romney Fire People Ringtone, Restoring Truthiness Releases Rick Perry Ringtone

We searched high and low for the evidence of the now infamous Rick Perry ringtone tribute to Mitt Romney that mocked the former Massachusetts Governor/Bain Capital Executive’s recent comment about his glee over firing people. But we had no luck. We even went so far as to become a member of Rick Perry’s website and […]

Jon Huntsman Kung Fus Self in Foot at Republican New Hampshire Debate

If there is one candidate the Democratic Party might actually be afraid of it is Jon Huntsman. The former US Ambassador to China, Governor of Utah, Deputy US Trade Representative, Ambassador to Singapore, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, and White House staff assistant has served under each of the last five presidents from Ronald Reagan […]

The Only Reason Rick Perry Should Head to New Hampshire

Tweet and Retweet the tweet…

Campaign Ad Review: Ron Paul – Unelectable

This week, presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman released a 30-second horror film starring Ron Paul entitled Unelectable. The film, as many this season, starts with choppy video footage, AM radio-quality dialogue, over a music bed of spooky meandering piano that would make Trent Reznor jealous. The film follows Ron Paul from interview to interview as he […]

Mitt Romney to Build Largest Applebee’s on Earth

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney comes bearing gifts for every college graduate this holiday season. During a Q&A at a campaign stop on Thursday in New Hampshire, the presidential hopeful said, “What I can promise you is this – when you get out of college, if I’m president you’ll have a job. If President Obama is […]

Prick Perry: Get Congress Away So Banksters Can Play

Scratch that. Get Pussy Congress Away so Rat Bastard Banksters Can Devour $7.7 BILLION dollars from the FED and then another $700 billion from TARP. Is this class warfare? You bet it is! Most Americans learned this basic rule of the food chain in kindergarten. Left unchecked, rodents will do what rodents do best: consume […]

Union Leader: Newt? Meh, We Could Do Worse

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you, dear reader, are paying attention to the news. I know, it’s bit of a leap, seeing as how you’re here reading this. But if the assumption is true, I’m going to suppose that you also read the news story title “N.H. Union […]

So You Want to Be President Board Game

Only Real Americans need apply! Fill out E-Z Form Birth Certificate. At debates, repeat canned patriotic applause lines. Make cornball speeches at county fairs. Go on a bus tour. And much more! The Truth About Cats: Notes From The Feline Underbelly (Volume 1) Now available on Amazon!

Ricky Perry Announces He’s Going to Announce Something about Something Sometime

Rick Perry is about to pull a “Sarah Palin” and this time the Republican Party is not so happy about it. You see, back in June, Mitt Romney was forking out the potato salad to supporters in New Hampshire during his campaign launch, setting up the perfect photo op for the news media. Well, never […]