Bigot with Guitar Spews Hate Speech at Music Festival

There are few things more American than country music. In fact we should stop being so vague about it and start referring to it as America Music. After all, you don’t call Belgium Waffles country waffles. Especially since if you did, people would forget that Belgium was a country. But this weekend at The Stockyards […]

Catholic League Boycotts “Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, Targets Kraft Foods’ MiO Energy (Buy it Today!)

Last week during Rosengate, the Catholic League opened their Twitter twat and tweeted about how horrible Hilary Rosen is for being a lesbian and therefore having to adopt children while Ann Romney had five of her own. This week the Catholic League has decided to stage a boycott of The Daily Show sponsors like Kraft […]

An All New Lowe: Lowes Pulls Ad from TLC’s “All-American Muslim”

Lowes, the national retailer whose slogan is “Let’s build something together,” has decided that a certain group of Americans are no longer allowed in their sandbox. As every major new organization and the blogosphere are now reporting, Lowes is pulling its advertising from TLC’s new show called “Death to America!” Just kidding. It’s called “All-American […]

Pat Buchanan Says Oslo Terrorist Breivik May Be Right

Pat Buchanan wants you to know that although Anders Behring Breivik, the terrorist that massacred 76 teens and that blew up a government building in Oslo, Norway, is an evil, cold-blooded, calculating killer, he “may be right.” Buchanan understands that Breivik is insane… No,no…”EVIL” but he apparently respects the man’s intellect referring to him as […]

Douchebag of the Day – Michael Heick of East Amherst, New York

“Bomb Making Next Driveway” reads the sign that Michael Heick of East Amherst, New York placed on his lawn in reference to the Jaffarya Islamic Center of Niagara Frontier…