Bloomberg Republican Presidential Debate Top Ten Moments

We thought we’d sum up the "highlights" of the recent Bloomberg/Washington Post Republican Debate held at Dartmouth on Tuesday. Most of the discussion was just rehash of the same-old same-old. And considering this was a "kitchen table" style debate, no wonder families in America don’t eat dinner together anymore. The scene was like a sad […]

Rick Perry: Save a Pretzel for the Gas Jets!

Okay so we’re slow on the pick up on this one but if you haven’t seen this video yet it should make your day. It was posted by BadLipReading on their YouTube Channel on September 18 and more recently on their new website on October 1st. It’s shear genius and better yet there’s more where […]

Hey Romney! Talk about the Pot Calling the Kettle Black!

Just last week, Mitt Romney scolded President Obama for being out of touch with the average American because the President headed off to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Well, I just can’t stand hypocrites! I didn’t like it when Dems launched tirades at W for taking the most vacations of any President in recent history. Sure, […]

Pew Proves It: Ron Paul Gets Snubbed by Media

Poor Ron Paul. If only he were a female, half his age riding around on a tour bus like he’s friggin’ Hanna Montana; or if only he was uber rich but follicly challenged and damn certain that maybe the leader of the free world was born in Kenya; or if only he’d treat marriage like […]

Ron Paul Gets Snubbed by Media – Translation


Ron Paul Gets Snubbed by Media


Ricky Perry Announces He’s Going to Announce Something about Something Sometime

Rick Perry is about to pull a “Sarah Palin” and this time the Republican Party is not so happy about it. You see, back in June, Mitt Romney was forking out the potato salad to supporters in New Hampshire during his campaign launch, setting up the perfect photo op for the news media. Well, never […]

It’s the Beginning of the End for Romney 2012 / Huntsman 2012

Well you can mark July 6, 2011 as the beginning of the end for both the Romney and Huntman campaigns. No, Romney didn’t finally admit that he likes Obamacare. No, Romney didn’t let some crazy Mormon quote slip past his lips. (BTW, why do conservatives claim that they don’t have a problem with Romney’s religion […]

What Cats Think About the 2012 Presidential Campaign

What Cats Think About the 2012 Presidential Campaign

UPDATE: Republican Sponsored Obama Impersonator Tells RACIAL Jokes – Audience Laughs Way Too Hard

Many in the media, including TPM and WaPo, are calling the jokes in this video racist or in the case of WaPo, off-color. I guess if you think the TV show Sanford and Son was racist or off-color then you’d be right. Maybe the jokes by Reggie Brown, who was hired by the Republican Leadership […]