Michele Bachmann Celebrates Elvis Presley’s Birthday on His Death Day

John Wayne, John Wayne Gacy, birthday, death day, whatever. There all the same right? Whether it’s a child molesting serial killer or the day the King of Rock’n’Roll was caught with his pants down sitting slumped over the toilet seat, these are all things that are easily confused with their exact opposites in the case […]

Tim Pawlenty “Eats Shutdowns for Breakfast”, Wisconsonites for Lunch and Then a Sensible Dinner

In response to the Michele Obama’s replacing the old “food pyramid” with the new “food plate” because Americans are becoming both too fat and too xenophobic (yes, it’s a real word… look it up!), Tim Pawlenty released his new campaign video in which he openly admits that he “[eats] government shutdowns for breakfast!” I’ve heard […]

Tim Pawlenty Gets Glittered

Don’t mess with Milk Town T-Paw! Or you’ll pay for it in pink glitter! Tim Pawlenty was at his Courage to Stand book signing at a convention for America’s Health Insurance Plans on Friday in San Francisco (hometown of slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk) and Code Pink activists were there to paid him a […]