Rupert Murdoch’s Pot Calls Obama’s Kettle Black

Twitter is Internet purgatory. It is where celebrity cowards go to apologize for their insensitive remarks. It is where congressman go to tweet their dongs to their mistresses. And it’s where victims of “epic Twitter battles” go to die. It’s also where the spineless elite go to voice their views. This time it’s Rupert Murdoch […]

Huckabee: Schools ‘A Place of Carnage’ Because Secularists Don’t Have Values

According to Mike Huckabee, God was kicked out of school. Now remember, his God is “an awesome God, He reigns from heaven above, with wisdom, power, and love, [his God] is an awesome God.” Additionally, “when the sky was starless, in the void of the night, He spoke into the darkness, and created the light.” […]

Tea Party Zombies Must Die Says StarvingEyes Game Company

Are you ready for some zombie arse-kicking?! Well, look no further! Brooklyn-based “advergaming” company StarvingEyes has created the best game ever in “Tea Party Zombies Must Die”! What could be better than backtracking on our pledge for civility, whipping out the virtual violence, and assassinating Americans all in the name of political righteousness?! Okay, yeah, […]

How Should Iowa Straw Poll Attendees Vote?

BBQ, Blizzards and Nadas are just a few of the wide variety of items a fair goer, er, straw poll attendee can expect when they set foot in the 2011 Ames Straw Poll this Saturday. With all of Republican presidential candidates eager for their votes, the attendees will be lavished with musical guests, dance parties […]