Obama Unveils Strategy for Women’s Vote

In the 2008 campaign, then candidate Obama was polling well among women but looked to shore up support among men. His strategy was to play basketball with U.S. forces, sinking nothing-but-net three pointers to the collective “Damn!” of the male television audience. The strategy was a success, however, in this election Obama needs to shore up […]

President Obama on Obama 2044 Fundraising Tour

Well every election year seems to get earlier and earlier but this is totally ridiculous. Today, President Barack Obama launched his fundraising tour. However, it wasn’t for his 2012 re-election campaign. Nope. Incredibly this fundraising tour was for his daughters’, Malia and Sasha, 2044 Presidential Campaigns! Speaking to a group of pre-pre-schoolers, Obama said, “With the polarizing […]

Bush Administration Official Condemns Common White House Invitation

The same day that Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly went toe to cloven hoof over the Obama Administration’s White House invitation to rapper Common, Darryl W. Jackson, who served in the Bush Administration as an assistant secretary of commerce from 2005 to 2009 chimed in with his two cents. Luckily for us, the value of American currency is on the decline since his argument was basically a regurgitation of Fox News’ rhetoric. However, he did include one doozy worth noting.