I Love You, Don Cheadle… Cheadle On!

Don Cheadle is a better man than me. Mostly because he is a man and I’m not. But more importantly, Don Cheadle is a man of integrity, class, and patience considering he spent several hours tweeting with some Michelle Malkin Twitchers regarding the edited NBC Zimmerman 911 tape. It has since digressed into left vs. […]

Malkin Bias: Twitchy.com Posts Fake Photo of Trayvon Martin Using New #TeamDueProcess – No Joke

Who the hell names their website “Twitchy.com”? Oh, I know! Psycho-bitch Michelle Malkin who posts false photos of crime victims to try to settle some sort of needless score with the mainstream media in a game that only exists in her head. Malkin’s new website, Twitchy.com, posted a photo of Trayvon Martin flipping the finger […]

@TheOnion Causes Freak Out Over Fake #CongressHostage Story

The story makes for an epic summer blockbuster. A group of armed men holding schoolchildren hostage in a “dramatic standoff” while making ridiculous demands with only their interests at heart. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Well, The Onion, the world’s most well known political bullsh!t manufacturer, just connected all the dots for us and expressed what […]

UPDATE: Michele Bachmann Newsweek “Queen of Rage” Cover Causes Rage (VIDEO)

If you aren’t terror stricken yet by the thought of Michele Bachmann as president of the United States, you will be once you see the cover of this week’s Newsweek magazine. The perma-panic look on her face is the same look that afflicted many of us when we heard those horrifying words that she was […]