Inappropriate Songs We Hope Jimmy Fallon Will Play For Presidential Candidates

So, NBC apologized for playing “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as Michele Bachmann walked out on to the Jimmy Fallon stage. Meanwhile, the rest of us turned pink with something akin to the glee of a newborn baby.  It was so fun, we’re hoping they do it again.  Here are some suggestions: Michele Bachmann:  Nirvana – “All […]

Michele Bachmann’s Bitchgate: If It Quacks Like A Duck…

Jimmy Fallon’s house band The Roots called Michele Bachmann a bitch in a roundabout sort of way when they played Lyin’ Ass Bitch as she was introduced on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week. After an apology from Jimmy Fallon himself, Michelle Bachmann is still fuming and demands an apology from NBC. That being […]

The Roots Lampoon Michele Bachmann with “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” Snarky Walk-On Song

Everybody has their own opinion. Sometimes, holding it back hurts so bad it’s like it could be jumping out of your flesh at any time. That apparently was the case for The Roots on Monday night as Republican Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. As is their usual […]

An LGBT Thanksgiving With Michele Bachmann

The other night I mixed some Dayquil with some pinot noir.  Big mistake.  I dreamed that I was at an NRA rally…dressed as a deer.  Ted Nugent chased me through a forest.  I’m still having flashbacks.So, this family holiday, DON’T mix your meds.  You could end up dreaming that you are Helen Lafave – the […]

So You Want to Be President Board Game

Only Real Americans need apply! Fill out E-Z Form Birth Certificate. At debates, repeat canned patriotic applause lines. Make cornball speeches at county fairs. Go on a bus tour. And much more! The Truth About Cats: Notes From The Feline Underbelly (Volume 1) Now available on Amazon!

Bachmann Meets Occupy Wall Street’s Human Microphone and She Don’t Like No Feedback

While giving a speech on a campaign stop in South Carolina last Thursday, presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmann clashed with the voices that had been haunting her dreams for two months: The Occupy Wall Street human microphone. During Ms. Bachmann’s lecture on foreign policy, about ten Occupy Wall Street protestors stood and began a prepared statement, […]

Bachmann to Socialists: You Dirty Republicans!

Proving that she is truly a parrot, Michelle Bachmann latched onto a buzz word and is now applying it to every situation that pops up. Even though she doesn’t understand the word. Yes. Socialism. That very, very dirty word that Republicans like to label on people who disagree with them. It’s really a foul disgusting […]

Why Ronald Reagan Hates Michele Bachmann

In an ABC News/ Yahoo interview on Tuesday, Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann said that if she had a choice to add anyone to Mount Rushmore it would be Ronald Reagan, James Garfield and Calvin Coolidge. The mainstream media has picked this up and used it as an indictment of her bizarre version of American […]

2011 Surviving the Recession Mortgage Purgatory GOP Meltdown Feel Good Yin/Yang Symbol Happy Face!!!

Yin “Sad Face” side symbolizing it’s okay to feel utter dismay over the apparently nonstop downward spiral of the economy and just stuff in general. Yang “Happy Face” side symbolizing attitude of, “Hey, pal! Buck up! Be grateful it isn’t worse! Remember good old US ingenuity has gotten us through many a mess, plus — Bin Laden, DONE!! Gaddafi, OVER!! Whaddaya want already?!! Have a nice day!! Sheesh!

Tea Party Attempts to Break Up With Bachmann

The Tea Party has officially dumped Michelle Bachmann. Well, officially “attempted” to dump Bachmann, with little success. Like a crazy stereotype girlfriend, Bachmann has ignored the break-up and continues to press on. It was a single sided break-up from what associates say, delivered by text message in a public place. To Bachmann, it came out […]