Trimming the Fat

Are you sick of choices?  Are too many options starting to get you down?  Do you find yourself staring at menus in disbelief for hours on end because you just can’t make up your mind?  If this sounds like you, then you are in luck.  The great city of New York and its wonder-Mayor Michael […]

“Bad Economy Is Helping Fat Kids Lose Weight” Says NY Mayor Bloomberg

Finally some good news to come out of New York City Schools. According to New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, childhood obesity rates have declined over the past five years. The Center for Disease Control reports that obesity rates of school-aged children has dropped from 21.9 to 20.7 percent. We asked a CDC spokesperson to […]

Mayor Bloomberg to #OWS: First Amendment Protects Speech not Assembly

Mayor Bloomberg had an eventful Tuesday morning. Evidently, he and the Brookfield Office Properties thought they could simply kick a bunch hippies of “their lawn” and call it a “fall cleaning” and as such were slapped with a restraining order after evicting the Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park earlier in dark of the […]

Mayor Bloomberg’s Top Five Reasons for Screwing Over Wheelchair-Assisted Americans

As we mentioned in our previous post, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is on a mission to transform New York City taxis. Back in December 2009, Mayor Bloomberg and the Taxi and Limousine Commission issued a "Request for Proposals" which invited auto makers to submit ideas for a new vehicle to serve as the New York City […]

Bloomberg Not Buying into Sales Rhetoric of Taxis He’s Buying

“You can take comfort knowing the MV-1 was built like a truck: strong and dependable,” reads the sales text on the website of VPG Autos, the Indiana-based makers of the MV-1 Taxi – New York’s new wheelchair accessible Taxi of “the Meantime.” And Mayor Michael Bloomberg ain’t buying it! The language, that is. He totally […]

Bloomberg Commits Event Planning Faux Pas, Does Not Invite Honorees – 9/11 First Responders

Mayor Bloomberg just created a new job and he didn’t even have to use the government’s stimulus package. If you’re a good event planner, check it out. The main requirement for this job is: Don’t forget the guests of honor. You see it has been announced that the First Responders, you know, the men and […]