Fox New’s Megyn Kelly Is Wildly Irrational, Essentially

On Monday’s O’Reilly Factor, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly took a few stiff smacks at the hornet’s nest of common sense when, while speaking about the students who were pepper sprayed during the UC Davis protest, Kelly claimed that pepper spray was “a food product, essentially.” Naturally, those who reside on the Internets almost immediately […]

Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Tells Fox News’ Megyn Kelly of His Total Awesomeness

Think that superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and Superman exist only in comic books and bad movies? Think again, o ye of little faith. Obviously you have not yet heard of Phoenix Jones, a real-life superhero from Seattle, Washington. The black-and-gold costumed crusader, who goes around town trying to prevent crimes, brandished his weapon of choice […]

Roger Ailes Says Fox News Has Course Corrected

If strawberries, blueberries, limes and lemons leave a bad taste in your mouth then you haven’t been to one of Roger Ailes pre-prime-time Fox News televised debates with the infamous backstage smoothie bar! Last Thursday was Mr. Ailes chance to showcase the new and improved – ahem! – Fair and Balanced skills of his Fox […]

Fox News Megyn Kelly Impersonates a Democrat – Claims Jon Stewart Took Her Out of Context

Either Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same when it comes to their beliefs on entitlements, or somebody is playing a sick and twisted game of “Now I’ve Got You, You Son of a Bitch.” In a recent, exclusive, detailed interview with Mediaite, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly sat down to discuss a myriad of issues […]

Fox News Megyn Kelly Turns Megynator Defending Maternity Leave (VIDEO)

She’s back and she’s feisty as ever. It’s seems that Megyn Kelly’s 12 weeks of maternity leave has done her some good. She is now ready to stick it Fox News contributor Mike Gallagher who accused her and all other American working mothers of “running a racket” when it comes to taking time off work […]

Jon Stewart Annihilates Bill O’Reilly in Bill’s Common-Controversy Own Poll! (VIDEO)

Polls closed Tuesday, May 17 and with a total of 72,145 votes combined by both Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly, Stewart simply crushed, creamed, manhandled, eviscerated, Plutoed, Seal-Team-Sixed O’Reilly by a margin of 79% to 21%. Not only that but, he won every state! But according to Bill there is a margin of error +/- 58% hippy. Check out the video:

Cryptkeeper to Host the Daily Show says Jon Stewart

According to Jon Stewart, the current host of The Daily Show, in ten years time the Cryptkeeper will be taking over as host of the popular Comedy Central news show.

Fox New’s Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier Already Dividing Up the Loot from Glenn Beck’s Cancelled Fox News Show

The studio lights haven’t even dimmed yet and Fox New’s Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier are already dividing up the loot from Glenn Beck’s soon to be “transitioned” (AKA cancelled) Fox News show.

Jon Stewart slams Fox News using former managing editor’s own words (Video) –

Last night Jon Stewart delivered perhaps his most damning criticism of Fox News using an audio recording of one of the “fair and balanced” network’s …

WATCH: Jon Stewart Jumps Into Megyn Kelly’s Show To Save Bret Baier From His … – The Business Insider

Last night Jon Stewart took it upon himself to save Baier from his opinion driven boss but (after a pretty funny running montage) pops up on Megyn Kelly instead. …