Jabba the Hut Impersonator Roger Ailes: Jon Stewart Told Me He’s a Socialist

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Roger Ailes went to a cantin- I mean “a bar”. And in that “bar” he met Hans So- I mean, Jon Stewart. The two beer-bonded and in that moment of alcohonesty, Stewart confessed to Ailes that, yes Virginia, he is basically a socialist. According to […]

President Obama: The Buffett Rule Rundown

Lately, there has been much discussion regarding what is now known as the Buffett Rule (no not buffet, Buffett this has nothing to do with food…it is named after billionaire Warren Buffett). This leads me to my first question…What exactly is the rule? In its most simplest terms it is a tax plan proposed by […]

PolitiFact: Lie of the Year is “Mostly True”

Imagine you’re a screenwriter and you’ve just written a brilliant Black-Like-Me type script about the racial divide in America. This time though it’s a black man experiencing what it’s like to be white. It’s got Oscar written all over it. You’ve named it The Mountaintop and you’ve submitted it to best studios and agents in […]

Obama’s Deficit Plan – Whose Class Warfare Is it?

It’s no surprise that the Republican leadership has their Calvin’s in a bunch over President Obama’s new deficit reduction plan. By golly, it has a provision in it that would call for an increase in taxes on a specific economic class in America. That is simply Un-American. Of course we’re referring to the poor rich […]

2011 Recession/Presidential Election Idiocy Brain Scan

What would the brain looks like having been bombarded with the current news of the day.

Iffy Debt Ceiling Deal: “‘To the pain,’ means the first thing you lose will be…”

Okay so no one is going to lose their feet below the ankles, then their hands at the wrists, next their nose, then their left eye, followed by the right – unless you’re on Medicare, maybe. But supposedly there is a tentative debt ceiling deal in the works between the Republicans and Democrats, and it’s […]

Former Clinton Adviser Storms Off Fox News Set During Fiery Medicare Debate

You know when you’ve just had enough. You just don’t have it in you anymore. You’re trying desperately to make your point in a heated debate but you’ve had this debate 6,483 times before and made little to no progress with the opposition. Not to mention, your foe keeps cutting you off every time you’re just about to get to your point. Mad frustration.

The Weekly Standard Insults Their Conservative Base

The Weekly Standard is trying to and probably will capitalize on the duncity* of Sarah Palin at the financial expense of their conservative readership. They’ve got a line of bumper stickers and t-shirts they’re hawking with her famous fabricated word “refudiate” that sell for $2.50 and $21.95 a piece respectively.

Sean Duffy Loses His Cool After Being Challenged On The Ryan Budget And Medicare

Sean Duffy Loses His Cool After Being Challenged On The Ryan Budget And Medicare

Douchebag of the Day goes to … (VIDEO)

Sean Duffy Loses His Cool After Being Challenged On The Ryan Budget And Medicare