Just Do What I Asked

Have you ever been fired for doing your job wrong?  I am sure it happens everyday.  People are given instructions and expected to follow them.  If the instructions aren’t followed, they get fired.  With that in mind, the Supreme Court should be fired. If you owned a furniture company and you hired workers to assemble […]

The GOP Budget: For Confident Americans?

Whelp, it is here America, the GOP’s answer to the Obama administration’s budget proposal (ohh I can hear the cheers from “the Texes’s” [Texas] oil tycoon, his wife Lo-red-dy, and their eight chirren rit now [I mean, right now] ); and according to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan it promises to offer the “American […]

Man’s Penis Gets in the Way of Health Insurance Coverage (VIDEO)

Man boobs are taboo in American society but the truth is all men have them. And all men have a chance that those man boobs might develop cancer – granted women are far more susceptible to breast cancer than men. However, not all men have the ability to pay for the costly medical expenses one […]