Fox News Distracted By a Flying Squirrel in a Pink Leotard

While the world watched a 4’11, 16-year-old Gabby Douglas from Virginia Beach, Virginia be crowned Olympic Champion of the All-Around in Gymnastics after having lead the US Olympic Gymnastics Team to a team gold medal, Fox News was distracted by something. No it wasn’t the bling, bling of the beautiful gold medal being placed around […]

Mitt Romney: GOP Political Race…And The Winner Is?

President Eisenhower once said he erred in his opinion and/or choices of only two people (for chosen elected officials) and that those choices later went on to shifted the tenor of the court from conservative to liberal, which was something he had not intended. Flash forward to our present day “choices” that will be equally […]

Horse Hockey! Harry Morgan – Colonel Potter of M*A*S*H – Dies at 96

Since these posts are never fun to write and since you’ve probably already heard the news that Colonel Potter (AKA Harry Morgan – one of the greatest character actors in television-cinema history) passed away today at 96 years-old, we thought we would take a moment to highlight the funnier side of Morgan/Potter. We found a […]

Michele Bachmann: Gays HAVE Marriage Equality

At a town hall meeting, Michele Bachmann reassured a Gay and Straight Alliance chapter president that we all have the same rights. When asked by the same student “Then why can’t same sex couples get married?” Bachmann replied, “They can get married. They can marry a man if they are a woman or they can […]

Obama Stares Down Antichrist Heckler

Hecklers. They’re everywhere. They heckle everyone. Some deserve it. And some deserve to get it handed to them like the douche bags who heckled (booed) one of our soldiers actively serving in Iraq. Some are just crazy and may need to consider hospitalization. Consider the case of the heckler, David Serrano, who interrupted Barack Obama‘s […]

Epic Showdown: Andrew Breitbart Big Government vs. Media Matters

It was 59 seconds of pure tension as the two heavy-weights of political boxing went toe-to-toe Tuesday in the lobby of Media Matters Washington, DC based headquarters over copies of Media Matter’s IRS forms. In the red corner, requesting copies of the forms, stood conservative media titan Andrew Breitbart, Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch, and […]

Fox New’s Hannity Sucks Up to “Atlas Shrugged” Actor Graham Beckel

Speaking for everyone on the set, which is likely over 100 people, including the union IATSE and Screen Actors Guild actors, Graham Beckel claimed working on Atlas Shrugged was the only time any of them ever worked on a film in which the hero was a businessman.

About (Late) Last Night: Jon Stewart plays matchmaker for Jake Gyllenhaal [Video] – Los Angeles Times

No one, it seems — not even Jon Stewart — can resist trying to set up the handsome actor. To paraphrase Jane Austen: It’s a truth universally …