Iran: Slutting Up U.S. Elections AGAIN!

It’s become a common trend these days. Every time there’s an election, a so called “axis of evil” pops up in American politics. Information that was pretty much not important before suddenly becomes a lot more important when people behind a teleprompter start raving about it. Such is the case with Iran. In 2008, the […]

Herman Cain: The Beatles of Bullshit

In an Interview Monday with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board, Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain was asked a question regarding Libya and instead of answering the question, he decided he would word-vomit all over the nice mahogany conference table. Since the actual transcripts and video are available ubiquitously, I have opted to translate the video […]

2011 Surviving the Recession Mortgage Purgatory GOP Meltdown Feel Good Yin/Yang Symbol Happy Face!!!

Yin “Sad Face” side symbolizing it’s okay to feel utter dismay over the apparently nonstop downward spiral of the economy and just stuff in general. Yang “Happy Face” side symbolizing attitude of, “Hey, pal! Buck up! Be grateful it isn’t worse! Remember good old US ingenuity has gotten us through many a mess, plus — Bin Laden, DONE!! Gaddafi, OVER!! Whaddaya want already?!! Have a nice day!! Sheesh!

Moammar Gadhafi is Not Dead!

Moammar Gadhafi sent us this postcard from his new hide out! We checked it out and it appears authentic…

God Hangs Out in Wal-Mart Parking Lots

In case you’ve been wondering where the f*** God has been this past decade as our nation was attacked, we invaded two countries, our countries leadership has fallen apart and the global economy has collapsed (plus, of course, the usual – civil wars, floods, famine, earthquakes, tsunamis, oil spills, yada, yada) – apparently, he’s been […]

Muammar Gaddafi Hearts Condoleeza Rice

File this one under “OMG, Eeeewwwww!” Poor, poor, poor former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice! Whatever your feelings are about the Bush Administration, nobody deserves the treatment Ms. Rice apparently has been receiving from, of all people, evil dictator and Emperor Palpatine impersonator Muammar Gaddafi.

Bill O’Reilly Inadvertently Proves the Theory of Evolution

If you smelled a whiff of bacon on Wednesday night while watching The Daily Show, don’t be alarmed. It turns out that a significant portion of the swine population has successfully mutated and developed wings.

“Glenn Beck Was Sent Here by Jesus” says Jon Stewart

The corpse ain’t even cold and yet Jon Stewart is already nearly canonizing the soon-to-be-former host of Fox New’s Glenn Beck Show …

Jon Stewart Craps All Over Obama’s Campaign Video

Considering our options of douche bag, douche bag, douche bag, Obama, or douche bag, a lot of us might feel like some of those people in Obama’s new campaign video. “I don’t really like him; I don’t really trust him. But what are we gonna do? Learn someone else’s name?” as paraphrased by Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart Mocks Obama Campaign Video: From ‘Yes We Can’ To ‘You Know, Whatever’ –

To no one’s surprise, Barack Obama announced earlier today that he will seek a second term in the 2012 election, complete with promotional video featuring …