Fox News Contributor and Femi-NOTzi Liz Trotta: Military Women Should ‘Expect’ to Get Raped

According to the latest what-the-f*** from Fox News, military women are being raped just a leettle too much.  Oh, and of course it’s all their fault for, you know, standing next to men. Speaking in regards to a sex abuse report ordered by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Trotta explains: TROTTA: I think they have actually […]

Government F*cks Over Our Military with Improperly Tested “Bullet-Blocking” Plates for Body Armor

Remember our military that our politicians claim to love so much? Well, apparently they love them so much that they want to eulogize them as much as possible. Twenty-one gun salutes as often as the guns can be reloaded. And if they had their druthers they’d probably aim those guns at army soldiers wearing the […]