Requiring a Photo-ID to Vote is Ludicrous, Vladimir Putin Agrees

In several states, across this multicultural land of ours, a new law would require a certified government-issued piece of photo identification be presented when you vote in 2012.  The minority community has collectively gasped in horror.  To them, the audacity of these states to pass such blatant anti-minority legislation is reminiscent of Jim Crow laws.  […]

Mayor Bloomberg to #OWS: First Amendment Protects Speech not Assembly

Mayor Bloomberg had an eventful Tuesday morning. Evidently, he and the Brookfield Office Properties thought they could simply kick a bunch hippies of “their lawn” and call it a “fall cleaning” and as such were slapped with a restraining order after evicting the Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park earlier in dark of the […]

“Ron Paul 2012!” Says Drunk Guy

If you would just read your constitution, you would know that you have every right to be FUBARed while driving as long as you don’t hurt anything. It says so right there in the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law disrespecting an establishment of my right to get FUBARed, or prohibiting the free exercise […]

Fox News’ Shepard Smith on Caylee’s Law: I’m not sure what the motive is (VIDEO)

Fox News is so against any proposed new Caylee’s Law that now Shepard Smith is attacking Republican congressman Bill Hager who proposed a law in Florida which would make it a felony to not report the disappearance of a child in a timely manner. While they and others have brought up some legitimate concerns regarding […]

Suspicious Package Found At Weiner’s Office, Seriously

Oh the fun just never ends! Now a suspicious package shows up outside former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s congressional office. Get it “suspicious package”. What a knee-slapper that is! Yeah, see apparently a box of CDs mistaken for, oh I don’t know, a BOMB appeared mysteriously in front of Rep Weiner’s office shortly before he was […]

How Infomercials Can Protect Schoolchildren’s 1st Amendment Rights

You do not have the legal right to not be bothered by religion. You don’t even have the legal right not be bothered by other people unless you file a restraining order. Nevertheless, we must find a solution to this religion vs. First Amendment problem that is now being demonstrated in the Candy Cane Case.